Frequently Asked Questions

What is CryoSeed?

CryoSeed is head-quartered in Berlin and designs cold wallet backups. Our flagship product, CryoSeed – Genesis, is a digital wallet backup that helps your seed phrase securely endure the arrow of time.

What is a Seed Phrase?

A Seed Phrase is an ordered list of 12-24 words that is used to backup and recover a digital wallet. Do NOT share your seed phrase with anyone!

Do I NEED to backup my seed phrase?

YES! If you lose your seed phrase you may permanently lose access to your digital assets.

Is the word order of my seed phrase important?

YES! The order of the words is important for an accurate backup.

What is the BIP-39 Standard?

The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 is an open source industry standard used to generate, backup and recover the private keys of a wallet. A BIP-39 seed phrase (aka. recovery phrase) consists of 12 -24 words that are used to rederive all the corresponding private keys in that wallet.

Can I use any BIP-39 Seed?

Yes, you can technically use any BIP-39 seed phrase, however, it is highly advised to use a seed phrase generated on a secure device, such as a hardware wallet.

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet aka. ‘cold wallet’ or ‘signing device’, is a secure micro computer designed to hold your seed phrase while minimizing the risk of its exposure to the internet.

Do I need a hardware wallet?

Yes, a hardware wallet is the most secure companion to our CryoSeed backup and ensures your seed phrase remains ‘cold’ even while transacting.

What is a hot wallet?

A hot or software wallet is a crypto wallet application on an internet enabled device, such as a phone or laptop. Critically, a hot wallet stores the seed phrase and private keys, which, given its internet connection, is NOT safe.

Is a lock included?

No, a lock is not included. It is up to you what kind of lock to use. The locking hole can accept a 6mm (0.24in) diameter bolt/lock.

How do I stamp my seed into CryoSeed?

Included with each CryoSeed – Genesis is an ‘automatic punch’. This punch tool has a spring loaded handle, which, when pressed firmly will make a permanent mark on the surface of the metal.

Do I need to convert my seed words into seed numbers?

Seed numbers are easier and more compact to encode and engrave onto metal. The BIP-39 standard has assigned each possible seed word to exactly one number between 1-2048. Our handbook will show you exactly how to transcribe a seed phrase into CryoSeed – Genesis.

Why do I have to encode my seed phrase?

Without encoding, a seed phrase is easier/quicker to extract, digitize and exploit. Encoding serves as a last layer of defense that may delay an attacker enough for you to move funds to a new and safe wallet.

Where should I keep my CryoSeed?

This is a personal decision that needs to take into account the most relevant risks to your specific situation. Generally, it is good to keep the location a secret between those intended to have access to the funds unlocked by the seed phrase.

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