The CryoSeed team would like to thank you for choosing the Genesis wallet backup to store your digital assets. Our secure seed-phrase storage product will ensure your legacy endures the arrow of time. 

Your CryoSeed backup arrives in a book-sized black box that opens with a magnetic latch at the bottom.

In the box, you’ll find:

  • marine steel Genesis plates
  • automatic punch tool
  • instruction handbook
  • BIP 39 word list
  • seed transcription cards
  • stickers

CryoSeed – Genesis stores a seed phrase using seed numbers rather than seed words. The seed transcription cards are used to translate your seed phrase into seed numbers. The BIP 39 word list is an industry standard for conversion of seed words into numbers and vice versa. The handbook describes a simple encoding scheme to translate each digit of your seed numbers into a single point. The automatic punch tool is used to permanently mark your seed numbers/points into the inner surface of Genesis plates.

Okay, let’s begin with the inscription process. It is important you be seated and use a sturdy level surface, especially for step 5. 

Step by Step:

  1. First, you’ll need your current seed-phrase backup and a pen.
  2. Carefully transcribe your seed phrase onto the transcription cards.
  3. Next, use the industry standard, alphabetically ordered, BIP 39 word list to translate each seed word into a unique seed number. Make sure to include leading zeros, there should always be four digits recorded for each word.
  4. Now, translate each digit into a single dot using the encoding scheme described in the instruction handbook. Be very mindful of correctness during this step, any mistake may lead to a transcription error.
  5. Now comes the epic part, take a firm grip of the punch tool, place your thumb or other hand over the top of the handle. Carefully and precisely align the tip of the tool onto the desired point, press down firmly until the spring loaded mass in the handle releases. The strike will form a deep crater and immortalize your seed numbers into the metal. Repeat for each seed point.
  6. Finally, after finishing your seed phrase inscription, slide the two plates back together. It’s time to lock and secure your CryoSeed backup.
  7. Don’t forget to properly dispose of the transcription cards. A secret seed-phrase is the key to a secure wallet.

How do I lock my CryoSeed – Genesis?

You can use any combination, key, bolt or pad lock. The largest diameter bolt that can lock Genesis plates is 6mm (1/4in). CryoSeed does not sell or include a lock.

How do I keep my CryoSeed backup cold (secure)?

ONLY generate a seed phrase on a secure hardware wallet.

ONLY backup your seed phrase in a physical/analog form (paper, metal etc..).

ONLY input your seed phrase into a secure hardware wallet.

Do NOT share your seed phrase.

Do NOT keep unsecured seed phrase copies.

Do NOT store your seed phrase in a phone/app/computer/cloud/photo/screenshoot/server etc..

Physical Security

Ultimately, physical security is highly individual and very context specific. The goal of CryoSeed is to provide a recovery solution that is the best for a variety of security requirements. The thin form factor allows it to be hidden in tight spaces at just 2mm (≈1/16in) per plate. The plates are corrosion resistant and can tolerate extreme temperatures. The ability to use a custom lock with key or combination increases security and provides flexibility, especially incase of transport. The encoding scheme is used to obfuscate the purpose of the CryoSeed and further delay the time between seed exposure and seed digitization. You can place CryoSeed in a safe, a bank vault, or bury it in your backyard.

Physical security depends on having considered the most relevant risks to you. The greatest risks can generally be avoided if you don’t speak casually about your CryoSeed backup or cold funds, wallet security depends on keeping a tight secret. We designed CryoSeed – Genesis to be the ultimate storage and recovery solution to preserve your seed phrase integrity and longevity.


The Self Custody revolution has only just begun.

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